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  • Start Date 12/02/2019
  • End Date 06/01/2020

Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation Request for Application / RFA -05

Fixed Amount Award Nr. RFA-05-001 USAID Grand Funding ANTTARC Grand Administrator

Project goal: to contribute to the improvement of social and political inclusion of vulnerable communities in local decision-making in region of Tropoja.

Members of the disadvantaged groups often do not have sufficient knowledge about social rights, access to social services, education, healthcare or housing. They often live in very difficult conditions. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to apply a participatory approach in order to engage the vulnerable communities and local stakeholders: local government, grassroots organizations, and community groups. This project will be reaching out to a wide group of citizens to communicate and raise awareness and ultimately educate on the range of social and political inclusion, particularly for marginalized youth in Tropoja.